Art is my Therapy

Art is my Therapy

Reflecting on my life, I realize that during every challenging period, I instinctively turned to creativity for solace. Whether it was drawing, redecorating a room, baking, or simply arranging flowers in a vase, creative activities have always been my refuge.

Here's how art and creativity have helped me navigate some of life's toughest times...

Divorce: When I separated from my husband, my children were just 5 and 7 years old. The experience was overwhelming and filled with guilt, especially about the impact on my kids. During the weeks they were with their father, I threw myself into home improvement projects, gardening, and sewing. These creative pursuits provided a much-needed distraction and a way to channel my emotions positively.

Domestic Violence: My first relationship after my divorce turned out to be abusive, both physically and emotionally. It eroded my confidence and left me feeling helpless. During this dark period, I found solace in nature. Running outdoors and marveling at its beauty became my sanctuary, a time when I could feel safe and regain some sense of control.

Sexual Assault: In my early 30s, I was sexually assaulted by someone I trusted at work—my boss. This compounded the trauma I was already experiencing from a violent relationship. Throughout these harrowing experiences, I continually turned to art and creativity to keep my mind engaged and to heal my spirit.

Despite these painful memories, I am now in a wonderful, supportive, and loving relationship, which has helped me heal both physically and emotionally and move forward.

Happily Ever After: About ten years ago, I met Troy, the absolute love of my life. We successfully blended our families (his four children and my two) and built a life based on mutual love, respect and trust. Five years ago, just as we were nearing the end of paying child support for his youngest, we received a devastating diagnosis: Troy had young onset Parkinson's disease. Initially, it felt like our world had shattered, but it led to an incredible transformation.

Parkinson’s Inspired the Silver Linings Collection

When Troy was diagnosed with Parkinson's, our future seemed to turn into a million shades of grey. However, over time, we began to see the diagnosis differently—it was the wake-up call we needed to truly start living. We realized that even amidst the greys, there were countless opportunities to create beautiful memories and cherish what we have.

This new perspective inspired the Silver Linings Collection for 8 Crew. We learned that when life presents you with shades of grey, beauty can still be found. You just need to look for the rainbows—they are always there.

Art and creativity have been my constants, helping me through life's storms and enabling me to find beauty in the darkest times. Through 8 Crew, I hope to share this journey and inspire others to find their own silver linings.

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