The name and meaning behind 8 Crew was inspired by our blended family of 8. 
As a mum to two adult children and a step mum to another 4, I believe that everything starts and ends with family, both the family we are born into and the one we choose.  All of my designs are hand drawn and painted by me and then made into repetitive designs to be printed onto beautiful quality fabric which is made into swaddles, scarves and throw rugs. Each design has its own unique story.

| My business idea was born when we were travelling around Australia in our caravan. Living on the road with limited space meant taking items that were good quality and could be used for more than one purpose. |

As a mum and step mum, life has been busy. I lost who I was and forgot about all the things that I used to enjoy before I was a mum. Travelling and being on the road reminded me how much I love nature and the abundance of beauty we have here in Australia. Creating, drawing and painting are my happy place and I am so excited to share my designs and stories with you!