HI, I'm Kate

Welcome to 8 Crew! 

Our name reflects the heart of our business: our blended family of eight.

As a mum to two adult children and a step-mum to four more, I believe everything starts and ends with family - both the family we’re born into and the one we choose.

The Inspiration Behind 8 Crew

The idea for 8 Crew was born during our travels around Australia in our caravan. Living on the road with limited space taught us the value of good quality items that serve multiple purposes. 

It was also during this trip that I realised I’d lost touch with the things I once enjoyed. The journey reconnected me with my love of nature and the breathtaking beauty of Australia. 

It rekindled my passion for creating, drawing, and painting, which is my happy place.  I'm delighted to share my designs and stories with you!

Artist hand painting design for gift card

My Designs

Each of my designs is meticulously hand-drawn and painted in watercolour, on the banks of the river in Sandy Point, Australia. 

My artwork is transformed into repetitive patterns that are printed onto premium quality fabrics, designed to last the test of time and be handed down through generations. 

These fabrics then become swaddles, scarves, blankets and other accessories for your home, each telling its own unique story.


The 8 Crew Difference

Proudly Australian

When you buy from 8 Crew, you're supporting an Australian family. Our commitment to quality ensures that each item is crafted with care and dedication, bringing the beauty of Australia inside your home.

Ethically Sourced

We take pride in sourcing our products ethically. We work with suppliers in Australia and around the world who guarantee fair pay and conditions for their employees.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are designed with versatility and sustainability in mind. Our fabrics are chosen for their quality and sustainability, ensuring a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Fair Pricing

As a small family business, we are dedicated to offering fair prices. Our goal is to keep our business running while ensuring that our products are accessible to everyone who appreciates quality and ethical craftsmanship.