Collection: GUNGAH BAY/BorneHMRI

The meaning behind this design has significance. 

With each season new and beautiful flowers emerge in the wild. Wattle is a symbol of unity and resilience, banksia symbolises regeneration and rebirth and the spirit of eucalyptus wants us to awaken to our true power. 

This print was lovingly designed for BorneHMRI, a charity that was established after Dean and Sarah Mumm’s heartbreaking journey to have a family.

They have given birth to 6 children, 4 of whom died due to preterm birth. Dean and Sarah are passionate about ending preterm birth so that no parent goes through their experience. BorneHMRI raises vital funds so that preterm birth becomes a thing of the past.

Your purchase will help fund medical research and end preterm birth so that all babies have the best start to life.

To find out more about BorneHMRI please go to