Silver Linings

The moment we received my husband’s Parkinson’s diagnosis the life and future we thought we had ahead of us became a million different shades of grey. It went from a clear path to a very scary uncharted path that felt like it had lost all its beauty and colour.

As time went by, we were able to see the diagnosis for what it was. It was the shake-up we needed to start truly living. To see the world as a million opportunities to make memories and enjoy what we have.

Without Troy’s diagnosis we would have never made travelling Australia a priority, we would never have bought our gorgeous riverside home and we most definitely wouldn’t have met some of the people who have shaped and changed our lives over the past few years.

We can now see that when life gives you shades of grey it can still be really beautiful. In every situation you can choose to see the lack of colour or you can choose to see the beauty.

On the days when it’s rainy you don’t have to love the rain, but you can choose to look for the rainbow and the sunshine that always comes again. Feeling grateful on all the days, even the grey ones has made our Parkinson’s journey one I wouldn’t miss, We won’t end our lives with regret but will have loved and laughed and lived in all of the moments…even the grey ones.